L2 bandeiras de clan e ally firefox

l2 bandeiras de clan e ally firefox

Command, Parameter, Description! [message], Shout. +, [message], Trade chat. #, [message], Party chat. @, [message], Clan chat. $, [message], Alliance chat. Esta Nuevo Los Crests Clan y Ally "GM" . Como "/allycrests" Y Ally Crest. "Alt N" Y Clan Crest. Gracias Lineage 2 Nobesserver. Lineage 2. File: l2 crest clan black Latest Release: Clan Crests, Ally Crests, Bandeiras de Clã - Lineage 2 Brasil. Family Crests by HouseOfNames. Family Crest Tattoo . A clan crest is an icon/sign/mark that appears near to your name. Note: If you want to create Lineage 2 Clan and Alliance crests. Topzone of.

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